Our Strategies

  • In association with the Jewish Community promote cultural events that promote friendship and collaboration and greater understanding between people groups.

  • Support the hosting of well known speakers in conferences or teaching seminars via sub-committies (e.g. Southern Cross Alliance for Israel)

  • Use of all forms of media to promote our objectives such as Beersheba Vision radio on J-AIR.

  • Encourage educational tours and interchange between our countries that strengthen bilateral relationships.

  • Promote the achievements of Israel.

  • Provide resources that help achieve the above objectives.

What Leaders Are Saying

These brave ANZACS made history and fulfilled history.

Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull

Australian PM

The Australian horsemen keep galloping on.

Ziv Ophir

Kinneret Academic College Israel

From the uttermost ends of the earth ships and soldiers are approaching or gathering in the Eastern Mediterranean in fulfillment of a destiny as yet not understood by mortal man.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill



Beersheba Vision, exists to educate Australians and Israelis on the importance and relevance of this formative part of shared history and, in the process, develop closer ties between the Christian and Jewish communities as well as strengthening bilateral relationships between our two countries.

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