“From War to Peace” DVD 42 mins. This new documentary looks at General Sir John Monash and his rise as a key General on the Western Front. General Sir Harry Chauvel was equally hard at work with his 30,000 Light Horsemen on the Middle East front pushing the Ottoman Empire back to Turkey and out of power. The other key largely untold story is that of the Indigenous Troopers and their contribution to bringing WW1 to a close. Key experts convey with passion their take on this nationally important chapter of Australia’s history, assisted by film and photos of the time. $20 AUD.

Heritage Resources has been established by Kelvin Crombie, an Australian who lived in Israel for almost twenty-five years. He believes that we all have a heritage, something from the past which gives us a better understanding of who we are, both individually and nationally. His main desire and purpose at Heritage Resources is to illustrate the link between us, to the land and the people of Israel. Jewish people have a natural heritage in and connection to the land of Israel and all confessing Christians also have a natural heritage in the land of Israel and with the people of Israel through their being in covenant with Jesus, who is a Jew according to the flesh. A plethora of Books, Documentaries and Articles are available from this sit.

In what will be a two-part documentary “Whose Land?” Richard Kemp, together with a group of historians and international lawyers, examines the conflicting claims of the Palestinians and the Israelis through the eyes of verifiable history and international law. At the heart of the propaganda war against Israel is the rewriting of history and the revision and deliberate misrepresentation of International Law. The main purpose of Whose Land? is to answer the question that the title poses by exposing the lies and demonstrating the truth. Written, directed and produced by Hugh Kitson. $25 AUD.

The Hague Initiative for International Cooperation (thinc.) is an initiative dedicated to the promotion of the Rule of Law in international relations to advance peace and security, friendly relations among nations, and the peaceful resolution of conflicts. The focus of our initiative is the Israel-Palestine conflict. Its goal is to help politicians and policy-makers to make informed decisions on the fair and non-discriminatory application of international law to the Israel-Palestine conflict, and, in doing so, to promote the peaceful resolution of disputes based on UN Charter principles such as the sovereign equality of states, friendly relations between nations, and the Rule of Law. Many articles/reports/books & videos available.

Conference of San Remo, April 19–26, 1920, was an International meeting convened at San Remo, on the Italian Riviera, to decide the future and precise boundaries of the former territories of the Ottoman Turkish Empire, one of the defeated Central Powers in World War I; it was attended by the prime ministers of Great Britain, France, and Italy, and representatives of Japan, Greece, and Belgium.

  • Documentaries on the Light Horse Reenactment Tours.
  • In the Steps of the Light Horse 2007 DVD
  • Riding into History Beersheba 100 Years On (book)
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  • The Charge of the ANZACS 2012 DVD
  • The Light Horse Century 2017 DVD


Other Resource Links: - A web site full of ANZAC information and resources.  Created by Jill Curry, Researcher and Writer  of  “Victory! – Beersheba 100th Anniversary”.

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What Leaders Are Saying

These brave ANZACS made history and fulfilled history.

Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull

Australian PM

The Australian horsemen keep galloping on.

Ziv Ophir

Kinneret Academic College Israel

From the uttermost ends of the earth ships and soldiers are approaching or gathering in the Eastern Mediterranean in fulfillment of a destiny as yet not understood by mortal man.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill



Beersheba Vision, exists to educate Australians and Israelis on the importance and relevance of this formative part of shared history and, in the process, develop closer ties between the Christian and Jewish communities as well as strengthening bilateral relationships between our two countries.

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