Something was wrong in Wuhan early in 2020 when the media was saturated with images of people suddenly dropping dead in the street like flies hit by a Mortein spray. Then there was the welding up of doors in housing apartments to make sure no one could escape to spread the death dealing plaque. Well, we all know now that Covid does not create that kind of scenario and how many apartment doors and door frames are made of steel that can be welded. It was all a charade to create fear and panic, although those scenes are now discredited, it is too late to close the barn door, the covid horse of fear has bolted and like a stage 4 cancer has spread across the international body governing our political decision making and thus our lives to this day. As President Roosevelt famously said during the dark depression years the only thing we should fear is fear itself.

Something is wrong, very wrong when our leaders say one thing in public but do another in private. The charade continued at the recent G7 conference with the ridiculous elbow bumping and standing at a regulatory 2m apart for formal occasions yet are spotted at informal occasions shaking hands, hugging, and chatting without masks in close groups.

When doctors are advised not to give early treatment to covid patients presenting at their clinics other than just sending them home with aspirin until they need urgent hospital care, then something is wrong, very wrong. (Ref to Professor Peter McCullough MD regarding this critical matter)

Something is wrong when Victorian Health Minister Professor Brett Sutton can exempt himself from the strict 25km travel restriction imposed on everyone else, to travel to Canberra for an award ceremony. Yet the loved ones of an 8 year old tragically killed in regional Victoria, far away from any cases of covid, could not hold a proper funeral despite their offer to hold it outdoors.

Young couples planning the great moment of their lives, are having their weddings dreams trampled like flowers underfoot, because unnecessarily harsh lockdowns.

These are just some of a multitude of harsh inhumane arbitrary rulings that have created a mountain of heartbreak, a tsunami of anguish and a river of tears for countless thousands. If this was Ebola we could understand, but it is not and besides there are now proven cures and prophylactic treatments for Covid, callously ignored by authorities for no other rational reason other than it could set back their vaccination plans. So, something is wrong very wrong when QLD Health Minister on April 7, 2020 declared illegal the issuing of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid, any doctor doing so faced 6 months imprisonment.

When fear destroys compassion, humanity and basic human dignity, something is wrong, very, very wrong. Freedoms and liberty fought for and sacrificed for must not be taken away it is time to rise up and say enough.

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