The driver is the quest for herd immunity

The percentage of the population that needs to give herd immunity against a disease depends on the disease, for Covid it is thought to be at least 80%. Recent polling shows that 33% of Australians are either refusing or reluctant to get the jab. This statistic does not bode well for a Government intent on achieving “herd immunity” as they firmly believe this is the only way for us to move freely within our borders.

Government coercion most likely will be required to achieve this goal

Dealing with vaccine hesitancy is a major problem for the Government, and this hesitancy is very understandable. Have we not heard the phrase operating “out of an abundance of caution” yet if someone exercises this caution by holding off being vaccinated they are castigated. Remember this “vaccine” with its radical new technology is very different to previous vaccines. Further, the USA C.D.C as of April 23, stated that 10,262 fully vaccinated people were “reported” to have contracted Covid 19, with about 10% being hospitalised, this must raise concern given these are just the reported cases, even so it must be said given the millions vaccinated, the number is still relatively small. Given some cases of myocarditis among adolescents plus some fertility concerns beginning to surface it is entirely reasonable for someone to hold off being vaccinated, until more data surfaces. Especially so, when the statistical risk of catching Covid in Australia is very small, and that of becoming seriously ill exceedingly small. This reasoning unfortunately is brushed aside by a Government intent on getting everyone vaccinated. So, it appears to be impossible to achieve herd immunity without some form of Government intervention. This could come via the promise of mores restrictions and lockdowns if one is not vaccinated.

Maintaining perspective

We have got to learn to live with this virus, in various forms it will be with us for years. It may mean that we have to endure plastic screens at stores and perform other basic hygiene measures, this we can do without compromising our basic freedoms. Maintaining perspective during this “pandemic” is critical, for as bad as this Covid virus is, it is not Ebola. We must remember that over 99% of Covid cases are comparatively mild, many completely asymptomatic. In addition, we now have medications like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine that have now proved beyond doubt that with prescribed early use the effects of Covid can be greatly ameliorated. However, it seems authorities are wilfully overlooking these measures for what can only be described as political and financial reasons. Refer to Professor Borody’s “Ivermectin Triple Therapy Protocol for Covid” for example. Over the next few months more data may come to light that will avert the fears of many who are hesitant. This may enable herd immunity to be achieved, removing the necessity for an “official” vaccine passport, but sadly I fear the writing is on the wall, Covid passports are headed our way.

Will it be called a passport?

Prime Minister Morrison stated on radio station 3AW in early May, that a vaccine passport is the next step in the campaign against Covid. Will it be actually called a passport, probably not, as that terminology has very negative political connotations, no doubt it will have a much more palatable name, but as the story goes, if it “quacks like a duck, and waddles like a duck ....” Needing a vaccine passport to enter another country I can live with, as it is a sovereign country’s prerogative to determine who may cross its borders. However, for Australians in their own country, this proposal is nothing less than medical apartheid with millions of Australians denied their rights to move freely within their own country, a right enshrined in our Constitution. It’s un-Australian and an assault on our freedom”. Remember this is not the first time we have faced disease and yes sadly some may get sick and some even die, but does not our ANZAC history tell us freedom always comes at a cost. We must not keep silent.

(Note this view is in accordance with Beersheba Vision stated objectives)


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