ANZAC day 2021

Today we live in a world where the freedoms that our ANZACS fought for are being steadily and alarmingly eroded. Our Judaeo-Christian foundations are being mocked and traditional family values increasingly cast as outmoded. Those on the “left” are hellbent on diminishing ANZAC day for the very reasons listed above. Academics like Prof. Jim McKay, when referring to the increased interest of Australians in our ANZAC history, called it an “excessive militarisation of Australian history.” That statement shows that he has little understanding of the significance of our ANZAC legacy to most Australians. ANZAC day is primarily about values, such as mateship, service, sacrifice and perseverance. Even our ABC refuses to rebuke detestable comments about ANZAC day by one of its commentators Jasmin Abdel-Magied.

Fortunately, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews was outed trying to include in ANZAC day commemorations, the so- called wars against Aborigines by “invaders.” However, Andrews is allowing 100,000 at the ANZAC day football match

but only 5,000 in the ANZAC day parade, demonstrating his lack of understanding of the importance of ANZAC day to most Australians. Similarly, NSW allowed 30,000 at the recent Mardi Gras but only 10,000 in their ANZAC March.

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Vaccine passports, a pathway to freedom or subjugation

Everyone wants a return to at least some sort of normalcy, where we can travel where we wish, gather where we want and so on without restriction, and many are saying vaccine passports are the only way forward to enable this. I am not an antivaxxer, but I am concerned about the implications of a Vax passport.

Even the World Health Organization (WHO) recently said it rejects coronavirus vaccine passports for travel “at this stage” because of doubts over the efficacy of the injections as well as equity concerns. As well they might as according to the Centre for Disease Control, 5,800 fully vaccinated Americans have contracted COVID-19, with 74 deaths this year, and that is only the reported cases. The majority who contract covid have little or no symptoms, and consequently are never reported, so undoubtedly the figure would be much higher.

The WHO report is somewhat comforting, but note the “at this stage” comment, so be very vigilant, watch this space, as the old saying goes, “be afraid, be very afraid,” I fear this discriminatory initiative however well intentioned, is heading our way, bringing with it a new form of apartheid. Introducing measures to protect our health is understandable, but we must not let left leaning social engineers destroy our freedoms in the process.

Read Bill Muehlenberg’s excellent article “Say no to Vax passports”

Reports from the Frontline

Lyle Shelton former head of the Australian Christian Lobby and no stranger to fighting in the trenches against those that war against our traditional Judaeo-Christian values, is to succeed Rev. Fred Nile as president of the NSW Christian Democrats. Let’s get behind Lyle as he picks up the baton of that veteran and tireless campaigner for Christian values, the Rev Fred Nile. (There are currently no further developments on the hate speech charge brought against Lyle by two Drag Queens).

Barry Rodgers OAM, president “Beersheba Vision” This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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What Leaders Are Saying

These brave ANZACS made history and fulfilled history.

Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull

Australian PM

The Australian horsemen keep galloping on.

Ziv Ophir

Kinneret Academic College Israel

From the uttermost ends of the earth ships and soldiers are approaching or gathering in the Eastern Mediterranean in fulfillment of a destiny as yet not understood by mortal man.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill



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