The term “fog of war” applies to the experience of individual soldiers in battle, it is ever present on all battlefields. It is often cited as the pure confusion of direction, location, of friend and foe, with perspective being consequently lost on the battlefield. Officers and soldiers become separated, orders become confused and subject to revision with poor communication resulting in a continuing uncertainty, a perceptual "fog."

The parallels are striking!

We are at war again, this time against a different kind of enemy but the fog is just the same and just as thick. In recent wars there was the immediate enemy of the diving Stuka or the charging knife wielding terrorist, and then there was the more distant but nevertheless principal enemy. In recent conflicts we have always understood who the real enemy was, we could see the brutal fascism of the Nazis, the tyranny of Communists, and the enslavement of militant Islamists. Yes, the Covid fog is a fog so thick that it appears we cannot see past our “immediate” enemy the Corona virus. The fog is so thick we cannot see past “getting vaccinated” even if we get 80% vaccinated, will Covid suddenly be a thing of the past, like a bad dream. No, it will be with us for a long time and we will have to adjust, and we can and must live with it. The virus although not Ebola is bad enough, but it is not the “principal” enemy, because behind the curtain of fog lies an insidious enemy using this virus to their own globalist Social Marxist ends. I am not attributing that motivation to all our leaders as many are not of the left, but the Covid fog is obscuring vision and perspective. Sadly, to the delight of the “Global Elite” even our traditional centre right parties are drifting markedly left in the fog of this pandemic. As activist actor Jane Fonda said recently “the virus is God’s gift to the left,” and they don’t miss their opportunities. You may well think that the ordinary Aussie will not buy these radical ideas with their woke rubbish. Perhaps not right away, but the Socialist Marxists have been marching through our learning institutions, our media and even our judicial system to such an extent and for so long, the outcome unless we act soon, is inevitable I fear. To make my point, who would have thought a generation ago that a majority of Australians would vote for same sex marriage? To make matters worse the World Economic Forum on April 2, 2020 linked Climate change to the Covid outbreak as have many left wing academics, to give increased impetus to their thrust for power.

Freedom is not free

Taking a stand takes courage, it may be costly, but it is our duty, freedom and our way of life are at stake, make no mistake a vibrant Christian faith has no place in their vision for their brave new world, it is the very antithesis of all they stand for. Taking a stand does not mean breaking the law, although ultimately we are answerable to a higher authority. So, in the meantime we must take every opportunity to make our voice be heard both to God and to men. One great thing about a democracy is that we have the ballot box, so it is up to us, so take great care how you vote next time around. Remember freedom always comes at a cost, ask our ANZACS. Now on a lighter note; “Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine myself entering a bank with my face masked, asking for money,”

Russell Gray
Agreed, there is a lot of fog around!

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These brave ANZACS made history and fulfilled history.

Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull

Australian PM

The Australian horsemen keep galloping on.

Ziv Ophir

Kinneret Academic College Israel

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Winston Churchill



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